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May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Brain Tumor Awareness Month


Although the season of spring begins in March, May is truly the month of revival, rebirth, comfort, and hope. The warming of the earth, the blossoms of flowers and trees, and the hope and promise of sunny days, fittingly parallels the month dedicated to brain tumor awareness. And it is only that awareness that can breathe greatness into action.

During this month, SFSF encourages both awareness and action. Just how can those be accomplished?

  • Wearing the grey ribbon --- the symbol of brain cancer --- is simple and easy.
  • Displaying grey ribbons, bracelets, and clothing for others to see and question is a great beginning. These items are available on several websites. 
  • Becoming informed of the facts about brain cancer allows one to speak with authority and conviction. Brain tumor organizations and foundations abound, among them, The National Brain Tumor Society, which encourages becoming an advocate by writing letters and making phone calls; ABTA provides background on the issues and the legislative process.
  • Attending events that focus on brain tumors will turn awareness into action. Head to the Hill and Congressional Call-In Day takes place this year, May 4, 2021
  • Participate in activities, small and big, that raise awareness of brain tumors. Below is a list of various websites you can visit to find several different activities to choose from:

Help make brain tumor awareness and the grey ribbon well-known and recognized for its importance and worth. Brain tumor victims need the awareness that will lead to action, that will lead to a cure. Allow the month of May to be truly a month of revival, rebirth, warming, and most of all...HOPE.


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